Chin Life-Changing Candles

Chin Life-Changing Candles is a social enterprise, initiated by the Chin refugees from Myanmar, residing in Melbourne with the aims of helping people in need and making a real difference in the community.

Inspired by a 14 years-old boy, Liam Foldi who created ‘Kenshi Charity Candles’ and wanted to change the world by making it easier for any cause to raise money by selling high-quality candles, Chin Life-Changing Candles takes initiatives to produce and sell high-quality candles in order to provide much-needed funds for the people still living below the poverty line in Chin State, Myanmar with passions of making a difference in the lives of the needy and the disadvantaged, focusing on the young people.

Since 2004, Australia had become home to Chin refugees who had to flee the country, leaving their homes, families, friends or loved ones behind, in search for a safe and better life after suffering mistreatment and discrimination at the hands of successive military regime for many years.

Now under the guidance of Kenshi Candles, the Chin refugees in Melbourne are making candles in St. Albans, Melbourne. With the supports of our patron, Mr. Andrew Grasby (Director of No Roads Foundation) and our mentor, Mr. Michael Foldi (National Sales Manager  &  Founder of Make A Difference Office Machines), Chin Life-Changing Candles is striving to work hand in hand with the Kenshi Candles for supporting the community and helping back the people living in terrible conditions in Chin State, Myanmar.