Candles That Help People In Need

Under the support and guidance of Kenshi Candles – a social enterprise, Chin Life-Changing Candles is striving to produce and sell candles to help people in need and make a real difference in the community, raising desperately needed funds for people living below the poverty line in Chin State, Myanmar. 

Every candle directly funds 5 kilos of rice for a family living below the poverty line in Chin State, Myanmar.

Every purchase you make means a lot to us as it contributes significant changes in the lives of the Chin people in many ways, including creating employment opportunity for non-English speaking Chin women in Melbourne in particular.

  • One candle will provide 5kg of rice for a family
  • Two candles will support a child to receive suitable medical treatment
  • Three candles will help a mother to gain maternal health care
  • Four candles will fund a child to get education for half year

These candles turn a purchase you would have made anyway into something meaningful.

Not everyone buys candles, but we all buy gifts.