Jacob's Journey: From Nothing to Something

“I could not be where I am today without your help. I thank everyone who helped me through my journey” - Jacob 

It is almost impossible to tell about the Chin Life-Changing Candles without sharing the story of the Chin refugee entrepreneur, Jacob Thang as our story started from the loving and caring heart of this young entrepreneur.

Jacob came to Australia in 2012 with his family after spending many years in New Delhi, India as a refugee due to political persecution in Myanmar. He spoke very limited English and started his new life with empty pocket. He had nothing but he always had a loving and caring heart to help the community. He always has a big vision to help the Chin people back home and provide employment opportunity for the Chin community in Melbourne.     

Jacob dreamt of getting an education upon his arrival, but financial hardships to support his family and pay rent led him to cease studying. After contacting the Brotherhood of St Laurence, he undertook landscaping training with Maribyrnong Council. Then, he started Jacob’s Gardens with the help of Steven Muffin (Brotherhood of St Laurence), James Dredge (Wyndham Park Community Centre), Catherine Dwyer, Jonna Kem, Carmen Maddison and Lisa (Maribyrnong City Council). He was awarded ‘Multicultural Entrepreneur of the Year- Emerging’ by Wyndham Council in 2016.

With the generous supports of his mentor, Mr. Andrew Grasby (Managing Director of Super Gardens), he is now partnering with the Super Gardens and able to employ over 50 people from the Chin community.

Nevertheless, his dream to help the Chin people is growing bigger. He recently founded a new social enterprise called ‘Chin Life-Changing Candles’ in order to help the Chin community in a larger scale. His dream is not about making a lot of money just for himself, but it is rather about helping people as many as he can through his business.