Our First Trip to Chin State

Our team was sent on mission to assess the situation in Chin State, Myanmar with the support of No Roads Foundation, Australia in collaboration with No Roads Chin Humanitarian Foundation (NRCHF) in 2019.  

The team led by Mr. Andrew Gasby, director of NRHE together with his wife, Sue conducted the initial health assessment in the tribal regions of Lautu, Zophei and Zotung areas where most of the local people have very little access to healthcare and poor health due to many factors.

During the trip, the Sentung villagers were provided funding for fencing their paddy fields (over 1000 acres) which is the main backbone or source for their survivals.

Besides, many patients from the villages were given financial assistance for their prescriptions and transportation fees that they can go to the hospitals in cities. Some medications and other supplements were handed with the local community health volunteers for distribution with basic medical training provided.   

Finally, the team had, after careful research and consideration, reached to decision to build a Clinic Hospital for the local people as soon as possible with the consent of the local people and the Myanmar authorities.